If you need assistance with a story, please check the list below for departmental media contact emails, phone numbers and, if available, link to a departmental media web resource.

City of Austin Communications and Public Information Office Media Line (512) 974-2220

City of Austin Media Relations Email: Media@AustinTexas.gov

Click HERE to download the full list of City of Austin media relations contacts

The main contacts are listed below:

3-1-1 Information Center (512) 972-9868 Patty Martinez

Animal Services?(512) 978-0675?Jennifer Olohan

Austin Energy?(512) 505-3576?Jennifer Herber

Austin Water?(512) 974-2461?Geneva Guerrero

Aviation (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport)?(512) 530-7531 Mandy Mcclendon

Code (512) 974-3621 Candice Wade Cooper

Convention Center (512) 404-4020?Terri McBride

Corridor Program Office?(512) 974-7898?Dea Crichton

Development Services?(512) 974-9737?Robbie Searcy

Economic Development?(512) 974-7636?Veronica Samo

Emergency Medical Services (Austin-Travis County)?(512) 972-7272?Michael Benavides

Fire Department (512) 974-0151 Michelle Tanzola

Homeland Security and Emergency Management?(512) 974-0470?Bryce Bencivengo

Human Resources?(512) 974-2860?Deborah Jennings

Neighborhood Housing and Community Development?(512) 974-3172?Jeffery Patterson

Parks and Recreation?(512) 974-2464?John Nixon

Planning and Zoning?(512) 974-2743?Jorge Ortega

Police Department (512) 974-5017 Anna Sabana

Public Health?(512) 972-6115?Jen Samp

Public Library?(512) 974-9687?Rachel Nguyen

Public Works?(512) 974-7139?Kyle Carvell

Resource Recovery?(512) 974-1800?Memi Cardenas

Small & Minority Business Resources (512) 974-7677 Blender Hill

Sustainability (512) 974-2662 Amy Petri

Telecommunications and Regulatory Affairs?(512) 974-3012 Colleen Billiot

Transportation?512-974-9087?Susanne Harm

Watershed Protection (512) 974-3538 Lynne Lightsey